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The goal of  Work Smarter Now For Autism is to provide an online community through which:

Individuals who have chosen self-employment as a career may have an internet presence

Individuals with a desire to express themselves artistically may display their creations in an online museum or literary magazine

Individuals with a desire to communicate with others through the internet community may develop an online network





















  Helping Anyone Participate

Best Buddies by Arthur S

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Autism Awareness

As part of the COSAC Autism Ambassador Program, Suzann Brucato provides a series of Autism Awareness presentations to the community, not as a topic expert but as a community resource exchanging information, sharing knowledge, and Helping Anyone Participate.

These presentations are provided at no charge.  A minor stipend is requested for photocopying and other material expenses.  Presentation reservations are required four weeks in advance.



Helping Anyone Participate - Autism Awareness Presentation - For children 10 through13 years old - This one-hour presentation allows for a 45 minute discussion with students followed by a 15 minute Q&A time.  The goal of the presentation is to share with children the importance of helping create a community in which everyone can participate equally.  This is presented against the backdrop of autism:HAP Golf Shirt

  • What is Autism?

  • How do you get Autism?

  • Are all people with Autism the same?

  • How do WE participate?

  • Talk about adults with Autism and how THEY participate - artist, computer operator, etc.

  • Share with them several resources they where they can find more information (COSAC -

  • Tell them about Work Smarter Now For Autism and about being an Autism Ambassador who volunteers in the community

Autism Awareness Junior Ambassador Presentation - This three-part presentation is geared to children age 10 to 17.  The first one-hour discussion is a round table exchange with the children, providing them with a comfort level of what autism is about, that it is not "contagious", and that others with autism are able to communicate in their own unique ways.  The second one-hour presentation is actually a rehearsal with a prepared script in which children prepare their own group autism-awareness presentation.  The third presentation is provided by the children to invited guests, in which they share what they have learned and become Junior Autism Ambassadors.  Maximum 21 children per group session.

Who Has Autism Anyway?  - Adult Autism Awareness Seminar - Open to adults in the community and/or teachers - This one-hour presentation contains the same type of topics as above, but provides more information about the characteristics of autism and how to interact with individuals who “are autistic”.  It does not provide therapeutic advice or information about cause and cure.  The purpose of this seminar is to provide adults with an understanding of what autism is about with respect to specific life segments - childhood, adolescence, and adults.

Creative Expressive Activities - Connecting Volunteers with Families - As a result of early interaction with individuals in the autism community, Work Smarter Now developed a relationship with Judith Martinovich, a north Jersey resident whose son is autistic.  Judith is an artist who has re-crafted the perception of the arts as a communication tool for individuals with autism --  She has begun to develop a network of “artisans” who volunteer their time to parents who have created neighborhood groups in which their children can experience an art or craft as a means to communicate, participate, and express themselves.  Judith does not “manage” this service, but provides a network through which volunteers may communicate with parents, and parents may communicate with other parents, to share ideas, and to network.  Judith is available to speak with individuals directly about this program. 

Help to Work Smarter Now For Autism with Contributions to COSAC

Click HERE to Contribute.

With the growing number of individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, your support is needed now more than ever. Your contribution enables COSAC to continue to provide information and referral, education, and advocacy to families of individuals with autism and the dedicated professionals who work with them.

Work Smarter Now has selected a goal of $2,800 because 28 is a "perfect" number. That is to say, everyone in the community is perfect as they are and we each need to Help Anyone Participate in their own unique way.

Thank you for supporting COSAC, New Jersey's Autism Resource! Work Smarter Now actively supports COSAC and the autism community through a wide range of autism awareness programs. Suzann Brucato is an active COSAC Autism Ambassador. Help create a community in which we can all equally participate.

Work Smarter Now believes in the fabric of the community and the strength it provides to the individuals who live within it.  As a result, there are several other community programs provided by Work Smarter Now that community organizations may wish to participate in or develop programs around.

Community Women - As a woman-owned business, Work Smarter Now is particularly aware of the need for other business owners to manage the delicate balance between family and work while also adding value to the community served.  As a result, Work Smarter Now, on a monthly basis, highlights specific woman-owned businesses with a short bio on the Work Smarter Now website and a set of one-time press releases and classified ads, in addition to a listing on the Community Women’s page.  If there are women business owners within the Autistic or Disabled Community that may be considered for posting, please forward information to  Not all submissions will be posted. 

Smarter 5x5 - Small business owners are passionate about their businesses and providing a specific service to the community.  As a result, many business owners and entrepreneurs have little time to understand the mechanics of marketing themselves in the concrete and internet communities, and may as a result be overspending or not spending because of the perception of big dollars for big results.  Work Smarter now provides a series of custom-tailored seminars about thinking smaller and thinking smarter, understanding the difference between big business and small business marketing, and teaching business owners how to think smaller for bigger results all by asking, and answering, the five key questions -- who, what, where, when, why (and how).  The three primary interactive components are a business resume, a promotional toolkit, and an activity map.  Work Smarter Now does not promote its services during the presentation, but does brand the handouts provided at the end of each seminar.  These may be provided to entrepreneurs in the autistic and disabled communities as well as young adults in high school who may be considering a school to work program. 














This website is one of several community programs provided by Work Smarter Now.  Work Smarter Now For Autism is not a company, business, or organization but rather an online service to assist individuals in the autistic community.

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